Success Stories

The Biggest Losers aren't only on TV. The diet phenomenon has inspired millions of people around the world to fight back against flab and do something about their weight. And with the help of The Biggest Loser Club, these members have transformed their lives and achieved amazing results.

Marina lost 66 lbs*

Marina was on the couch eating ice cream and watching The Biggest Loser when she decided she'd had enough of feeling tired all the time and joined The Club.

Karen lost 112 lbs*

Not so long ago, Karen Illanes described herself as a “big girl who lacked motivation”. But on her daughter’s fourth birthday, Karen finally decided that vital lifestyle changes were needed for her to be the best mom she could be.

Tanya lost 154 lbs*

A bad relationship, the stress of caring for three autistic children, and a taste for greasy food all led to Tanya Phillips piling on the pounds. After countless diets, Tanya joined The Biggest Loser Club and dropped to 154 lbs – half of what she’d weighed the year before.

Cathy lost 136 lbs*

When she was a teenager, Cathy dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal in sailing. That dream slipped from her grasp, largely due to her struggles with weight gain. Now she has lost 136 lbs and Cathy is training for Olympic glory. “I'm going to win,” says Cathy. “There is no alternative.”

Shari lost 220 lbs*

At her heaviest, Shari Ware weighed in at over 375 lbs. Thanks to The Biggest Loser Club, Shari has transformed her life and restored her health.*

*Results may vary 

Chris lost 102 lbs*

"Everyone else went swimming but I refused because I didn’t want to take my shirt off, and that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t keep living like this," says Chris. He joined The Club and there was no turning back.

Kreig lost 55 lbs*

Navy paramedic Kreig Leitchze nearly had to resuscitate himself when he stepped on the scales one day and registered at 225 lbs. Now he's fit, healthy, and loving life.

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