Questions for current members

Membership questions

  • What does it cost to join The Club?
    Membership is $19.99 a month - that's less than a buck a day. 
  • Is it private? Who will see my details?
    Yes, your information is private. We will never share your details. We encourage you to participate in the Club's community forums, but you can be anonymous if you want to be.  
  • Is the Club program the same as the show?
    The Club program is inspired by what happens at The Biggest Loser ranch. We introduce you to the key lessons contestants are taught by their trainers, but in a way that's easy to do at home. 
  • Can children or teenagers join?
    The Biggest Loser Club is only suitable for adults aged 18+. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to join. We recommend speaking with your family physician if you're worried about your weight or the weight of a child or teen.
  • I'm pregnant, can I join?
    The Club supports nursing women, but unfortunately it is not suitable for women who are pregnant. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Club once your baby is born.

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